With DF20, it would be good if the CSS Colours in the Theme.css are defined as variables.

See: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/...tom_properties

Example of usage:

:root  {
  --main-text-color:   #000000;
  --main-color-reg:    #0072C6;
  --main-border-color: #BABABA;

/* This is for the WebEdit ReadOnly */
#OWEBAPP .WebEdit.Web_ReadOnly > div > div > .WebFrm_Wrapper,
#OWEBAPP .WebEdit.Web_ReadOnly input,
#OWEBAPP .WebEdit.Web_ReadOnly select,
#OWEBAPP .WebEdit.Web_ReadOnly textarea {
    color: var( --main-text-color);

It seems the CSS variables are supported in almost all browsers, except IE 11

1. Changing colours in a theme would just mean updating the :root elements, instead of doing a find and replace of colours in the entire file.
2. Do not need to define separate css classes per theme in the application.css

It would also make the css generated from http://styler.dataaccess.eu/ easier to maintain and/or modified.

What do you think ?