I'm dealing with a awkward situation that cause my system going down for all my users.

I've been trying to find the problem with no sucess, probably the cause is a db lock, but my system is a little complex and not so easy to find what are causing the lock.

my question is, what do you usually do in this kind of situation? there is any tool's that i can use to track my db tables or maybe my webapp config are wrong?

i already removed all my explicit transactions (begin/end transaction) from my code, now my suspect is a kind of datadictionary configuration are causing the lock eg.

Set Add_System_File to TITULO.File_Number   DD_Lock_on_All

my specs:
server: Xeon E5-2620 2.40GHz 40GB RAM SSD disk.

keep in mind that sometimes we do need the lock, but the transaction queue cannot explode my server...

[PS:tried to hide sensitive information from my images]

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