Hi Mike,

I have been playing with your RESTful service library and getting myself familiar with its capabilities. One Item I am struggling with is some of the hierarchy. The standard framework would appear to be something like this:

--> RESTResourceHandler
--> RESTAPIObject

I can see that we can have 0..n RESTResourceHandlers in a single RESTfulService. I can also see we can have 1..n RESTfulService in a WebApp. Can we have 0..n RESTAPIObject in a RESTResourceHandler?

What is the relationship to RESTResourceHandler’s psInterfacePath and the RESTAPIObject ’s psCollName properties? As far as I can tell they must match.

Perhaps asking what I am hoping to achieve might help? For instance, with customers I would like to have different options e.g.

http://localhost/WebOrder_19_1/api/v1/customers/list - a full list of all customers

http://localhost/WebOrder_19_1/api/v1/customers/summary - a summary of all customers

http://localhost/WebOrder_19_1/api/v1/customers/contacts/11 - return the contacts associated with a/c no. 11

http://localhost/WebOrder_19_1/api/v1/customers/delivery_addresses/14- return the delivery addresses associated with a/c no. 14