Hi Andrew,

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Just to ask the daft question...The first two lines in both your screen shots seem to be swapped and the last line in both cases is the same. Are you not trying to achieve the same order for all three lines ?
No, this question is not about trying to achieve the same order. The ordering shown is correct for the collation used by their respective databases i.e. embedded and SQL.

The issue is the collation used by the runtime to compare strings. If the database returns records in a certain order for a primary key that is a string e.g. nvarchar then the string collation used by the runtime should match when comparisons are made. You’ll notice in my second post the screen shows SQL failing to select the records, which it should have done, based on the first and last records in the table.

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For reference this was the sequence I got for Latin1_General_CI_AS, so if it was important one could create a DF_COLLATE.CFG with the characters in this order
Changing df_collate.cfg will not solve this problem in DataFlex 2020. I believe the solution is to set the correct DF_LOCALE_CODE as suggested by Harm. There is an example of this in the code of the second screen of my previous reply. What DAW might be able to do is provide a utility that helps developers generate the locale code for the sql server database's collation being used.