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Frank’s posting about Azure Devops caused me to look again at GIT, specifically the Azure stuff. I also worked back through all the other GIT stuff I’ve looked at over the years. I have to say, for us it doesn’t seem like a good fit.

We are three corporate developers, all working in-office, so always on the network. A single SVN repo therefore is usually available.

everybody ‘gets’ subversion within minutes of installing TortoiseSVN.

I’m notoriously cheap, so evaluation always has to be with the free level of whatever we are looking at. We don’t have a repo of less than 2Gb and migrations To GITHub, Azure and GITLAB all failed.

I host our SVN on a Dreamhost server (10 years+) where I have other sites, so no fees involved and it’s mine to manage/backup/restore. Migrating to GIT on that also failed though I was too lazy on that day to chase down the error.

I fancy a better integrated project/task management system, and some of the GIT-based oferings have that.
I also (personally) fancy distributed repositories and staging, though they might be a tough sell to my team as they both have operations backgrounds, not a developer past. However retirement may eventually creep up and I want something that will cary them forward.

so, as the meme says. Change my mind!

enjoyed yesterdays UK group zoom. Nice to see all the (old,) old faces and hope everyone is doing okay.