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Thread: DF19.x : How best to update an Application while it's running ?

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    Default Re: DF19.x : How best to update an Application while it's running ?

    Hi Raveen,

    Quote Originally Posted by raveens View Post
    Just wondering if you anyone else in the community does live updates of a DF19.x exe while it is running?
    And if so, have you had any issues ?
    Yes, we can do live updates. However, we keep it as a last resort due to it being a manual process to set up and manage. Thankfully I am glad to say live updates are rare but very handy especially at larger sites, where users can be spread across multiple time zones, and a critical bug needs addressing for some of the users. Coordinating all users to exit the application long enough to install an update can be time consuming and sometimes like walking on eggshells. Briefly this is how it works.

    Our application architecture consists of two programs: a loader and the application. To start the application, even if you click the application, you must go through the loader. The loader handles things like the database selection, user authentication and session management etc and the loader’s footprint, by comparison to the application, is small 6MB versus 63MB. When the loader launches it interrogates an .ini file and should it find an alternate application to run e.g. app01.exe it will run it instead of the default.

    Should a live update be called upon a new application is copied into the programs folder, the .ini file edited and the affected user notified. The affected users have very little to do. They exit the application, which returns them to the loader, and log back on. When they do, the alternate application is run resolving their issue while unaffected users have continued working. The cycle can be repeated as many times as needed e.g. app02.exe, app03.exe etc (hopefully just the once). Sometime later i.e. when all users are able to exit the application an update, using an installer, can be applied restoring the status quo.


    Just to clarify. All our installations are Network Accessible i.e. there is only one copy of the DataFlex runtime and the application programs.
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