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    The company PP7/Vitec asked me to write a DataFlex wrapper for the SyncFusion Grid javascript control to be used in their Web Application.
    As a result the csfWebList control was created and the SyncFusion Library was born.

    This is a WebList control with codejock like features and it is very feature rich.

    The best part of it all?

    The wrapper control is open sourced so that all DataFlex developers now can use this control.

    More details and a demo workspace can be found over at VDF-Guidance.
    (The demo and accompanying library has been tested with DataFlex 19.0 and DataFlex 19.1)

    SyncFusion Library

    Important: Please note that while the DataFlex wrapper is open source and free the use, the javascript SyncFusion suite is not a free suite and requires a purchase from SyncFusion (see )

    Hope you like it.

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