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    We had a similar problem years back, and solved it by making our own custom RDS mapping class.

    Imagine, you want a bunch of RDS tables in your reports,that has some (or all fields) that matches the datafiles.
    Then you also might want some custom RDS tables, that you can fill with anything you want.
    Maybe you also want customers to be able to add fields to the report without the need to compile a new program.
    Those were the issues we solved with our own class.

    What we did was:

    RDS tables in the report are given the same name as the datatables in dataflex.
    RDS table fields are given the same name as the datatable field names in dataflex.
    In our class we then have a mapping feature that maps the data from the database to the RDS tables using the names to find a match.
    That means you just add the fields you are interessted in,and it works right away.
    If you need more fields, you just add them to the report, and the data is mapped without the need to recompile.

    For custom tables, you will still need to fill out the data manually.
    We even made a data import/export feature, so we can debug problems at the customer easily.

    The code is not just straight forward without some explanation, so Im not sharing it here, but if it sounds like something you need, feel free to send me a PM, and we might work something out.

    P.S. I hope someday, we can combine datasources, so we can run both RDS and ODBC at the same time. That would be great!
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