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Thread: pbEditOnClick to true + OnEndEdit = bug?

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    Default pbEditOnClick to true + OnEndEdit = bug?


    I have attached a sample workspace to demonstrate the behaviour.

    Steps to reproduce it:
    1. Open OnEndEditBug.vw and put a breakpoint on event OnComMouseDown.
      Just press F5 every time the debugger stops in this breakpoint.
    2. Compile, OnEndEditBug view opens.
    3. With your mouse, click on the second column (Quantity) of the first row.
    4. Change the value.
    5. With your mouse, click on the second column (Quantity) of the second row.

    You will see that the footer total will have a wrong calculation.
    This is because OnEndEdit is called twice, one of them with an empty value for sOldValue.

    Why is it necessary a breakpoint?
    Well, I think it has something to do with a focus or timing problem.
    In our application I can reproduce this behaviour without the need of the breakpoint, maybe due to some dftimer or onidle in our application or just because it is much bigger so not as smooth as a tiny application.
    In this tiny application is difficult to see the behaviour without the help of the breakpoint.

    Tested with 19.0 and 19.1.

    Any idea?

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