Hi Vincent,

Congratulations on the work done at the DR, in which I never had the opportunity to test.

It was very good and certainly, in the course of future versions, it will get even better.

You are on the right track, with all these functions in the properties, which end up making all the difference, because we never have trivial reports and there is always a problem.

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Example:When I deal with graphics, I think cents are irrelevant.

In this graph presented, which basically provides Winprint1, it refers to quantities and how I can change the detailed properties, I think, that the graph must be the same.

So above is a suggestion, for future versions!
+ 1 slice
+ 1 3D (This one you said is out of plans, maybe due to low demand),
+ 1 Put functions in the color properties, because that is always the customer's responsibility!
+ 1 In the pie chart, it does not make sense to add a legend if you do not associate the color of the chart.. . .
I will stop here, not to abuse!


1) When learning a new interface, we certainly click and make movements that are unthinkable and difficult to reproduce.There were some abortions at Studio DR and without any error messages, which makes it difficult for me to provide a clue as to what I may have done in an absurd way.

I think that with time and more serious use, it tends to disappear.

2) My base of work is in 19.1, and it may be for this reason that the characters of the Portuguese language (çãéíóú, among others), created all this mixture, even in the report above.
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If that's the reason, I ask you to disregard the opposite, that it's fun.

3) In the example in DF20, the error occurred:

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Best Regards,