Hi all,

We are porting our 19.0 web applications to 19.1 and have run into some problems that we would need some help with. Hopefully someone has some good idea :-) Of course, we have gone through the entire guide for moving to 19.1 and removed all errors and warnings.

1. We have a floating panel menu (desktop application) which is set to pePosition fpFloatByControl. It is included under oWebApp so it floats directly on the left side of the windows which is perfect. We have a button in that floating panel, for the user to be able to "pin" the menu in place. The idea is to switch to fpFloatLeftSqueezeWebApp and pbHideOnBlur = false so that the menu sticks in place. To reduce the server roundtrips, we use psClientOnBlur for this. The JS code for this works perfectly under 19.0, but now under 19.1 pbHideOnBlur cannot be set anymore from JS, with an error "ReferenceError: eL is not defined". This is the JS code
function pinMenuPanel(oEvent) {
    var hoObj = oWebApp.oMenuPanel;
    var ePosition = hoObj.get("pePosition");
    if (ePosition == 2) {
        hoObj.set("pePosition", 1);
        hoObj.set("pbHideOnBlur", true);
    else {
        hoObj.set("pePosition", 2);
        hoObj.set("pbHideOnBlur", false); <-- this one gives the error "ReferenceError: eL is not defined"
2. When navigating to a view and then using our own "Back button" (which just sends Show to the previous view), OR using the browser Back button (which works in 19.1), we get the following error in 19.1. This worked fine in 19.0.
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So, does anyone have any ideas? This is all for our Web Desktop application.