Actually no, the EXE is started an running just once, every time a client connects to the server whatever webapp.exe happens to be free takes care of the request. If the request is "Log in" then the next thing that happens is the system calls the function "getdefaultview" (or whatever it's called in the other posts here, I'm not on my PC)

when you write the code you already have the Object id (oCustoemrView, or oSalespersonView) and you can decide which name to pass based on the web properties from the login.

***danger Wil Robinson*** the second thing that will trip you up in webapps is how different they are at runtime, with multiple users. Everything that you need to know about the user of this session needs to be a web property, so the server can check with the client that it actually has the right information handy. If you only test int the studio, with one open session you can miss all sorts of bad things. Stop the webapp in the studio, then open two or six different users with different rights either in incognito mode, or in entirely different browsers.

fun times ahead.