We get EDI orders 24/7 from our customers. One of our customers has their own packing slip format (pretty detailed with 9+ bar codes (many of them different types - UPS, FedEx, USPS, and their own). We download the PDF packing list and match them up with our packing list. When their packing list are downloaded, their is no rhyme or reason to their naming convention. Has anyone used or seen an API that will allow me to scan a PDF for a string (purchase order in our case)? This would allow me to print the current page of the PDF immediately after packing list and save us hours of time matching up packing list. Our customer laughs at us basically when we ask if they can improve it on their end(I won't mention their name but all of you would recognizer it). Hope someone can point me in a direction to an API that woudl help out.