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    I've checked what the workstation setup actually dpes and there really isn't much to it. We used an installer (Wise at the time) because that would guarantee that it ran with elevated rights, but it really isn't doing anything special. This is it in a nutshell...

    • It gets it's current directory (which should be the Bin folder of the network location where the client is installed)
    • It strips off \Bin
    • Checks to see if the same revision of DataFlex (Studio, Client or Server) is already installed on the workstation and won't run if so
    • Double checks the network location to make sure the runtime is there (just to confirm that the network installation of the client is correct)
    • Sets some registry keys on the workstation, including dfpath, vdfrootdir, dbadminmode, winprint and systemdfpath in HKLM
    • Does a regsvr32 /s for the following...
      • "%NETWORK_LOCATION%\Bin\Codejock.CommandBars.Unico de.v16.4.0.ocx"
      • "%NETWORK_LOCATION%\Bin\Codejock.ReportControl.Uni code.v16.4.0.ocx"
      • "%NETWORK_LOCATION%\Bin\Codejock.SkinFramework.Uni code.v16.4.0.ocx"

    ...and that's it. No magic, no heavy lifting.

    You can run the same regsvr32 commands manually using the same unc pathing in place of NETWORK_LOCATION to make sure the CJ ocxs are really registering properly.

    One other things to try...

    Can they run any of the programs we install (DBExplorer would be a good test) without error? If so, then is there any chance that the application uses additional CJ ocxs (that are not a standard part of the client) or even expects a different version of CJ?
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