from Pervasive 11.3 parked on an AWS EC2
(we also tested it with Pervasive on a local server)
to MySQL 8.0 RDS on AWS

All we did was run the DF conversion on logical groups of files
- which modified filelist.cfg
- and those files INTs
And kept going....

What I am applauding is that the DF 19.1 EXEs were totally agnostic, i.e., where the files were, what type of engine they were in, did not matter. The Pervasive and ODBC drivers did what they were supposed to do and the applications worked regardless. No recompiling or adjusting the runtimes. At one point we had half of the 93 files in the Pervasive engine, the other half in MySQL in production, with literally millions of transactions per day sourced in-house thru DF and on the web thru .NET. Amazing... applause-worthy.

And when AWS gets their Aurora engine up to MySQL 8.0 compatibility, we'll move again!