After login to exact loginpage the response with token is send to new tabpage in the browser and not to the request page , OnLogin procedure is not fired.
If there is login error it wil return to right page and fire onloginFail


Step 2. Set up authorization requestsWhen you have your registration containing the Client ID, Client Secret, and Redirect URI, you can make the authorization request.
ExampleGET ../api/oauth2/auth with the following parameters:
client_id: b81cc4de-d192-400e-bcb4-09254394c52a
redirect_uri: https://www.mycompany.com/myapplication
response_type: token for the implicit grant type or code for the authorization code grant type
force_login: 1, forces the user to login and ignore any active Exact Online session in the browser
Actual request:
GET https://start.exactonline.nl/api/oau...&force_login=0
The Exact Online login screen will be displayed. The user can log in with their Exact Online credentials.If the user didn’t grant access to this client before, a consent screen will be displayed, in which they can pass authorization to the client to access their Exact Online data.Two-step verification is fully integrated in the OAuth 2.0 process flow, this means the user will be asked to provide their authentication code after logging in with their credentials.When you have completed this step, a response is sent to the redirect URI with an authorization code.This code is only valid for 30 minutes.The domain of the Redirect URI must be the same as the Redirect URI that you registered in the app registration.Actual response:
Error Responses:The following authorization errors can occur:
The user is not recognized and has not been authenticated. For example when an incorrect redirect URI is sent in the request, the authorization server will not redirect the resource owner to the redirect URI.The user authenticated correctly. In the case of an error the following error response is included in the redirect URI:error - displays a predefined error code as show in the OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework. See OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework.error_description - displays a human-readable UTF-8 encoded text describing the error.