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    Question Name Meta-Data Tag

    Hi DAW,

    Reading the help, you can use the Name Meta-Data Tag to rename a struct member used within a WebService.

    Can it be also used to rename a struct ? Or how can I ?

    Sample code

    { Name='InventoryInfo' }
    Struct tInventory
      String ItemID
      String Description
      Number OnHandQty
    { Published=True }
    Function InventoryInfo String sItemID Returns tInventory  
      tInventory aInfo
      Function_Return aInfo

    Based on the example above, the XML webservice returns the following:

      <Description>Star Trek Collector Gold Plate</Description>
    Using the new NAME meta-tag, how can I return a structure as follows:

      <Description>Star Trek Collector Gold Plate</Description>
    The reasoning behind this is that we WANT to use a standard prefix (t) for all structs, but this does NOT translate well into a webservice xml structure output, as it requires a more "user oriented" naming convention. Having the webservice function InventoryInfo return the struct tInventory as InventoryInfo would be ideal. Instead of being forced to rename the struct from tInventory to InventoryInfo.

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