I know that Samuel had suggested on a slightly related topic that I look into the cSeqFileHelper.pkg

But I don't see how it fits into reading and writing BINARY files.
For example, in DF19.0, I have this code to read a file into Binary Fields (I've condensed it here for the illustration)
                        Direct_Input channel iChIn ('BINARY:'+(ToANSI(sFile)))
                        Set_Channel_Position iChIn to (iPos)
                        If ((iLength-iPos)<iMaxChunkSize) Move (iLength-iPos) to iReadLength
                        Else Move iMaxChunkSize to iReadLength
                        Read_Block channel iChIn MyDoc iReadLength
                        Clear R1BIN 
                           Move iNumber to R1BIN.FILEREP
                           Move (SYSTEM.LAST_FBINARY+1) to R1BIN.Number
                           Move (SYSTEM.LAST_FBINARY+1) to SYSTEM.LAST_FBINARY
                           //Move MyDoc to FBINARY.CONTENT
                           Set_Field_Value R1BIN.File_Number (RefTable(R1BIN.Content)) to MyDoc
                           Move iReadLength to R1BIN.LEngth
                              SaveRecord SYSTEM R1BIN
                        Move (iPos+iReadLength) to iPos
                     Until (iPos>=iLength)
And then to pump the file back into existance, I use this code:
                            Direct_Output channel iChOut ('BINARY:'+sPath+(ToANSI(sFile)))
                             Clear R1BIN
                             Move iNumber to R1BIN.FILEREP
                             Move 0 to R1BIN.Number
                                 Find gt R1BIN by Index.2
                                   [not Found] Move 'done' to sStatus
                                   [Found] Begin
                                       If (R1BIN.filerep<>iNumber) Move 'done' to sStatus
                                       Else Begin
                                          Get_Field_Value R1BIN.File_Number (RefTable(R1BIN.content)) to MyDoc
                                          Write channel iChOut MyDoc 
                             Until (sStatus='done')
Both work flawless in DF19.0 but not in DF20.0, and I know that it has to do with OEM vs ANSI vs UTF8,
But because the field being written to a field (R1Bin.Content) which is of type BINARY, why does that even matter?
To me Binary is Binary, and the character set when doing Direct_input or Direct_Output when BINARY: is indicated should be that OEM/UTF8/ANSI shouldn't come into play.

Am I out in left field on this one, or do you feel the same? If you agree with me, then this should be logged as a bug in DF20.