We have just begun working with the Dataflex Graphics Library 3.03 with DF 19.1, it looks great (thanks Vincent) and we have a few basic questions.

Our first task is to replace an older control used to look at incoming faxes stored as multi-page TIF files. We are using the cImageContainer to successfully view, rotate, zoom in/out, and retrieve properties. We have failed however to find examples and/or figure out how to do the following:

PAGE CONTROL (to deal with multi-page images)- Retrieve Total Page Count
- Retrieve Current Page #
- Go To Next Page
- Go To Previous Page

DISPLAY CONTROL (to deal with visual inconsistencies inherent in fax transmissions)- Increase Image Brightness
- Decrease Image Brightness

Our guess from HELP is that this involves the USE of wrapper classes such as cGDIImage, however which classes and how to begin to use them escapes us.