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    So this is what I did...

    1. Updated my Windows 10 Home to the latest (10.0.18362)
    2. Checked Windows features - IIS was already installed (but this could have been from years ago)
    3. Checked my login - I'm a local account (not a Microsoft account) and a member of the Admin group
    4. Ran the latest 19.1 release (19.1.58) - since installations always run with elevated rights, it showed me the "do you want to allow this app to make changes..." message
    5. Accepted all defaults (including the option to configure IIS) during the installation
    6. Ran the Studio (still as eval) and not with admin rights - both weborder and webordermobile ran fine
    7. Selected the Order Entry workspace (there is no webapp there)
    8. Created new mobile web project (this launched the web initialization wizard and the "do you want to allow this app to make changes..." message was shown as expected because the wizard needs elevated rights
    9. Accepted all the defaults in the wizard
    10. I could compile and run the webapp (which is just the desktop at this point) fine

    So I'm not seeing any of the issues you are. I've had this Windows 10 Home VM for a number of years, and I don't recall any issues with any prior revisions of DF either. But other than the possibility of installing IIS back when I first set it up (I can't remember if Home comes with IIS installed or not), there is nothing special about it.

    Perhaps we could have Dennis do a quick screen-share with you to see if he can spot anything amiss on your system? I'll have him contact you if you are interested.

    PS. Note that I don't think the fact that I'm using a local account instead of a Microsoft account has any impact, but I wanted to be clear what the parameters of my test were.
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