Who wants to help me develop a Virtual Seat app. Sort of like a Zoom for sports. With the prospect of no live sporting events in the very near future worldwide this is the app for it. I've been thinking about this app for several years specifically for my team, Dallas Cowboys, because I think Jerry Jones is one of smartest owners in American Football. And is a money grubber as well which is perfect. The Dallas Cowboys (and my "real" football team, Manchester United) have a world-wide fan base in the 100's of millions. While their respective stadium have seating capacity of 100k and 76k. Imagine virtual seats 100 fold those numbers.

The idea is to sell "virtual seats" in the stadium on a per-game or season ticket basis. You get a private live-stream of the game on your device. BTW this would work for ANY sport and provide the club owners the missing revenue for empty venues. The other side is some way to provide the venue side so the teams can experience the fans virtual attendance.

Yeah you might say there are already broadcast rights sold for this, but the virtual seat provides guaranteed access to the game, not subject to whether it's available via the squirrely blackout and availability rules of the broadcasters. This might be when professional sports adopts a different revenue model either alongside or replacing the traditional broadcast rights and butts in seats model.