The DataFlex Hangout is our new, informal section of the forums. Almost anything goes - more on that below. The Hangout does not have designated subject matter like the other sub-forums and we do not want to diffuse or take away from the wealth of well-structured information in them, so please keep using the other topical forums as intended.

Various technical and software development matters, especially those outside of the DataFlex domain, are welcome here. For example: "What's your favorite installer tool?" or "Anyone tried the Microsoft Surface Pro 7?" or “I'm new at working from home - Zoom or Teams?" or "Which Git tools are you using?".

This is a "hangout" - topics are not limited to technology or business so relax and socialize, virtually... what's on your mind? In football season, put on your jersey, upload a photo and cheer for your team. Or, start a debate about the shape of a "real" football -- round or pointy? At the end of the day, The DataFlex Hangout will take its own direction and we encourage you to help set it - please participate!

Almost anything goes... (the fine print)
The DataFlex Hangout is subject to the rules and policies that govern the entire forum - please review them. And, please exclude from the Hangout discussion of both politics and religion.

Years of friendly interaction in these forums confirms that the citizens of the global DataFlex community are well behaved, sensible, intelligent, curious, generous, helpful and fun-loving. Let those be the qualities of the new DataFlex Hangout too.

Welcome and enjoy...