Hi all,

Seems like a newbie question, maybe it is

The procedure Page_Object is called when an UI object is about to be paged onto the screen. However interesting thing is that there is a parameter comes with the procedure to indicate whether the UI object is being paged onto the screen or not.

However the parameter is never 0 in page_object unless I explicitly call that procedure myself with a 0 parameter.

The reason I asked is that there is something wrong with the tooltip implementation in various UI controls.
In Windows.pkg line 1244, DF 20 (or any version before that)

    Procedure Page_Object Integer iState
        Handle hWnd
        Get Window_Handle to hWnd
        Forward Send Page_Object iState
        // Handle tooltip support....
        If (iState = 0) Begin
            Send RequestDeleteToolTip // it is never called!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Else Begin
            Send RequestAddToolTip
        If (hWnd=0 and iState) Begin
            Send Shadow_Display
Therefore in my program, it just keeps on adding new "tool" to the tooltip. I have tooltip for pretty much every UI control in the program, and we have about a thousand modal panels and 300 views.

Is there some kind of magic flag I have to set in order to "Page_Object 0 " to be called when an UI object gets paged off of the screen?

Frank Cheng