I have found that the following statements in a datadictionary compiled in 18.2 are valid
Procedure GetTypeRec
STring Type

Clear lawtype<
Move type to lawtype.code
Find EQ LAWTYPE by 1
[Found] Begin
Send REquest_Assign

Clear lawtime
Move satty to lawtime.person
Find GE Lawtime by 11
[Found] indicate Found as ((Trim(lawtime.person)) EQ satty)
[Found] Begin
/Append smess "Time Transactions exist" crlf
These statements generate compilation errors in 19.1
Obsolete technique. do not define indicators or use them in expressions without parentheses

I'm not sure why I'm getting the error and How to modify the code to prevent the errors
I first assumed that "Indicate" is no longer valid, but the first example doe not use Indicate

Please help
Gail Thomas