Below I posted some code that is in an object

There are privet properties that are WebProperty type

I use a set and get function to set and get from the private properties.
Could this code produce different customerno and orderno thru the sessions?

I use ordinary set and get to access the functions and procedures.

If this is not ideal, how would you have done it?

I suspect there is something going on because two clients are logging in from different pcs and sometime get each others orderno and customerno

    Property Integer ppCurrentOrderNo 
    Property Integer ppCurrentCustomerNo
    Procedure Set CurrentBrand String Brand
        WebSet ppCurrentBrand to Brand
    Function CurrentBrand Returns String
        String brand
        WebGet ppCurrentBrand of Self to brand
        Function_Return brand
    Procedure Set CurrentCustomerNo Integer customerNo
        String custNo
        Get psLoginName of oSessionManager to custNo
        If (customerNo = 0) ;
            WebSet ppCurrentCustomerNo of Self  to custNo
        Else ;
            WebSet ppCurrentCustomerNo of Self  to customerNo
    Function CurrentCustomerNo Returns Integer
        Integer custNo
        WebGet ppCurrentCustomerNo of Self to custNo
        If (custNo = 0) ;
            Set CurrentCustomerNo to 0
        WebGet ppCurrentCustomerNo of Self to custNo
        Function_Return custNo