So I am finally getting a chance to move an app from 19.0 to 19.1 (enroute to 20.0) and, as many have said, there are generally a lot of errors reported during the compile process leading to a lot of code cleanup.

One thing that I don't fully understand and don't know how to approach is related to the "Define" statement.

For example during compilation, I will receive an error like this:
- Error 4332: C:\GSC\CJ3.x\AppSrc\WIN32Functions.pkg (ln 28) Symbol already defined Attempt to redefine integer/boolean symbol for different value

When I look I find something like this

Define FILE_ATTRIBUTE_ENCRYPTED           for |CI$00000040
So I do a global search and I find that it is defined elsewhere... sometimes with the same value sometimes with a different value.

What is the best approach for dealing with this?....
1. Should 1 be remmed out?
2. What if the values are different? What then?
3. Should the NAME be changed on one of them?

Thanks for your input. Signed, In the dark.