So anyone doing any interesting projects in support of the fight against this thing?

a good amount of our work is in healthcare so our work shifted quite a bit to push out some features to help the healthcare industry with the fight against this virus.

We have been implementing a few projects on giving Virtual Care to clients. This will limit direct interactions between caregivers and clients and of course limit the amount of travel which in turn limits the possible exposure and maximizes the amount of time a caregiver has available.

One is the ability to do Virtual Care Visits using embedded video conferencing. The system allows the scheduling of virtual visits which will then create scheduled video conferencing sessions and notify the client of the session.
Later, when it is time the caregiver will start the video session from either the DataFlex Desktop application or a DataFlex WebApp application and the client joins the session using a public web page.

This system was implemented in the last 10 days by creating a custom stand alone web application that keeps track of the virtual sessions, notifies the participants and handles the video conferencing sessions.

The DataFlex Desktop and WebApp applications call the WebApps REST API to create/modify/delete sessions as needed. To integrate the video conferencing viewer, which is web based we built a chromium web viewer component for the Desktop application and a custom webapp component.

Another project is a custom computer telephony project that allows care agencies to create automated outbound screening calls to either simply send messages to clients or to interactively screen them on specific questions and collect answers that can then be used to give proper care to individuals.

this project also uses a standalone web application that handles all the calls. The DataFlex Desktop or WebApp application uses a REST interface to upload call information (messages to pay, questions to ask, call routing based on answers etc). The server then handles all the outbound calling and collects answers that can then be downloaded using the REST interface.

We have some other COVID related projects that we are working on for example case mapping.