So far we have not discovered yet a COM module that:

  • Has a different GUID for 32 and 64
  • Has methods that take different number of parameters or contain different methods
    • They do have differences in size of integer parameters but that is covered with the DataFlex language

But I bet there are.

As Stephen also told Peter in the "Talk with the Experts" training session we suggest you create a package with the 32 bit option and a package with the 64 bit option and if applicable also look at Unicode and non-unicode versions. Then use a compare tool to find out if there are differences. If there are you use the compiler directive IS$WIN64 to either include package A or package B. Since DataFlex 2020 is Unicode based I suggest you will always take the Unicode (or at least try) of the COM module and test.

When the GUID is the same and the code too there is nothing you need to do. Based on the fact the application is 64 or 32 bit Windows automatically uses the right DLL/EXE because both modules (assuming there are two) when accessing it.