I have a windows app that I developed in 18.2. I'm having difficulty understanding how to use the graphics in 19.1.
Graphics Library 2.6 had a help folder that explained the graphics, how to use the different "functions", etc.
Graphics-library.exe of 11/2/2019 containds 2 applications and no detailed help of the graphic functions.
It makes me wonder If I have the correct graphics llibrary package

My 18.2 windows app has the following code
Object oImageContainer1 is a cImageContainer
Set Location to 40 219
Set Size to 206 440
Set pbDropShadow to False
Set pbEnabled to False
Set peImageStyle to ifFitOneSide
I use the following to place the user selected picture in the object
Move TheData[isel].sValue[iPicID] to spictitle
Move (Append(imagepath,(Trim(spictitle)))) to imagepath
Set psImage of (oImageContainer1(Self)) to imagepath

cImageContainer does not exist in 19.1 and I do not see what to use instead.

please help

Gail Thomas