We want to print company logos onto our reports but we seem to be getting different results when printing compared to previewing and exporting (to pdf).

We have decided on the Size & DPI that we'll use as our standard logo size for reports based on using the Preview and Exports but when it comes to printing, we get different results - the image is shrunk down too small.

I've set the 'Image Display' setting of the image object set to 'Original' - The reason is that we don't want DR to automatically scale the image if we receive an image size that's different from our standard.

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Name:	Image Object.PNG 
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This is a scan of the Printed report
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Name:	Report Scanned.PNG 
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This is an export of the Report
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Name:	Report Exported.PNG 
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The above example uses an image with the size of 5.74 inches x 0.67 inches at 96 dpi and was exported and printed from the same previewer screen.

My question (s):
1. How do I make sure that the printed report matches the preview/export