I'm late to the party but just a warning; RDP is incredibly insecure and eminently vulnerable to port attacks. Ideally you would set up a VPN and connect over that. You can install Microsoft's RAS server role on the EC2 instance to do that. At the very least you are going to have to learn a bit about using AWS Security Groups one of which will be created when you first launch your EC2 instance. You'll see a reference to it in the information which shows below your instance when you look at "Running Instances" from the console. Usually it is called "launch-wizard-1" or similar. Click on that name and you will be taken to another screen. Click the "Edit Inbound Rules" button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. You will see a line like the image below. Click on arrow alongside the word "Custom" and a drop down list will appear. Click on "MyIP" and the "" which means anyone can connect will be replaced by the external IP address of your internet connection. Click on the "Save Rules" button at the bottom left of the screen and from then on, RDP access will only be allowed from your IP address. If you are doing this from your office, then anyone from your office will be able to connect. Otherwise, you can add new rules for their addresses, too. Whatever you do, do NOT leave your RDP connection open to all comers.

Good luck. AWS requires a bit of learning but it's worth doing since so many organizations are moving to the Cloud.


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