Guys, an weird situation, can you give me a sign please,

I'm working with a service that required a certificate under the request, when i run my webapp project under debug mode (normal studio compilation) all works fine, but when i load the webapp into memory the things goes wrong.

I have a class that deal with this request, its a soap service, and i'm loading my certificate through psCertificateStore and psCertificateSubject

short version:

Class cGroupWSServicos is a cClientWebService
    Procedure Construct_Object
        Forward Send Construct_Object
        Set psServiceLocation      to ''
        Set psWSDLLocation        to ''
        Set psCertificateStore      to "MY"
        Set psCertificateSubject   to "HCB"        
how can i keep my certificate up even on memory webapp?, or how can my memory webapp can access my local repository store?

thanks you.