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spent a couple of hours trying to convert it to Excel16. nightmare. I suspect the changes to the object model confuse things but I swear MS have renamed stuff for fun.

Then I took your oXL objects out of the class and it worked.

Now to try opening 10 spreadsheets at once

oh, to update your example, should you need it...
Use Excel16.pkg

        Object oXlApplication is a cComApplication
        Object oXLWorkbooks is a cComWorkbooks

        Object oXLWorkbook is a cComWorkbook
        Object oXLWorksheet is a cComWorksheet
        Object oXLRange is a cComRange

Deferred_View Activate_Util for ;
Object Util is a dbView
    Use ActLikeSDI.pkg    

    Set Border_Style to Border_Thick
	  Set Size to 200 450
    Set Location to 2 2
    Set Maximize_Icon to True
    Set Icon to "kirknet.ico"
    Set Label to "Util"

    Set Verify_Data_Loss_Msg to 0
    Set Verify_Exit_Msg      to 0

    Object oTest is a Button
        Set Size to 12 115
        Set Location to 65 91
        Set Label to 'test excel via COM'

        Procedure OnClick
        Boolean bCreated
        Variant v
        //Get IsComObjectCreated of oXlApplication to bCreated
        //If (not(bCreated)) Begin 
        Send CreateComObject of oXlApplication
        Get ComWorkbooks of oXlApplication to v
        If (IsComObject(v)) Begin 
            Set pvComObject of oXLWorkbooks to v
            Get ComAdd of oXLWorkbooks Nothing to v
            If (IsComObject(v)) Begin 
                Set pvComObject of oXLWorkbook to v
                Get ComActiveSheet of oXLWorkbook to v
                If (IsComObject(v)) Begin 
                    Set pvComObject of oXLWorksheet to v
                    Get ComRange of oXLWorksheet "A1" "A1" to v
                    If (IsComObject(v)) Begin 
                        Set pvComObject of oXLRange to v
                        Set ComValue of oXLRange OLExlRangeValueDefault to 24
                        Set ComVisible of oXlApplication to True