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    It's been a very long time since I've looked at this. we've done different interfaces over the years. COM, Writing XLSX directly and LibXL

    On the COM interface version I've found this code that uses TextToColumns to get rid of the little triangle in the corner for things like telephone numbers

    This may or may not help with your issue but it was the thing I had at the back of my mind that might be of use

                    // Use TextToColums to solve the "Number as Text" errors
                    For iLoop2 from 1 to iMaxCols
                        Get ColumnNumberToLetter (iLoop2+iInsertOffsetFromFirstColumn) to sColumnLetter
                        // note you need to select the whole column rather than a range of cells otherwise any blank cells in range will show an error.
                        Get ComXlRange of hoWorksheet (sColumnLetter+":"+sColumnLetter) Nothing to vObj
                        If (IsComObject(vObj)) Begin
                            Set pvComObject of hoCells to vObj
                            // if the first cell in the column is empty it will raise an error
                            Move False to bDumyCell
                            Get ComXlItem of hoCells 1 1 to vObj
                            If (IsComObject(vObj)) Begin
                                Set pvComObject of (phoXLCell(Self)) to vObj
                                Get ComXlValue of (phoXLCell(Self)) OLEXLxlRangeValueDefault to sCellData
                                If (Length(sCellData)=0) Begin 
                                    // put a dummy value in the fisrt cell to prevent an error with ComXlTextToColumns
                                    Set ComXlValue of (phoXLCell(Self)) OLEXLxlRangeValueDefault to 1
                                    Move True to bDumyCell
                                Get ComXlSelect of hoCells to vVoid
                                Get ComXlTextToColumns of hoCells Nothing OLEXLxlDelimited OLEXLxlTextQualifierNone False True False False False False Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing to vData
                                If (bDumyCell) Begin 
                                    Set ComXlValue of (phoXLCell(Self)) OLEXLxlRangeValueDefault to ""
        // recursive function to calc the Excel letter reference from a given column number. Not set an upper limit but excel 2010 is 16384 (XFD)
        Function ColumnNumberToLetter Integer iCol Returns String
            Integer iAlpha iRemainder 
            String sLetters sNewLetters
            If (iCol>0) Begin 
                If (iCol < 27) Begin 
                    Move (Character(iCol+64)) to sLetters
                Else Begin 
                    Move (Mod(iCol,26)) to iRemainder
                    Move (iCol/26) to iAlpha
                    If (iRemainder=0) Begin 
                        Move 26 to iRemainder
                        Decrement iAlpha
                    Get ColumnNumberToLetter iAlpha to sNewLetters
                    Move (sNewLetters+Character(iRemainder+64)) to sLetters
            Function_Return sLetters
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