Here's an update to the dfSplat preview release (preview release 2).
Not a lot has changed, but figured to post an update that is the exact same version as what I will be using tomorrow during the presentation at the UK Zoom event.

This way you can follow along.

- fix enabled state of breakpoint options depending on current line in editor.
- enter in the watches now works as tab key
- Import breakpoints from Studio starts with clearing existing breakpoints in the debugger engine.
- commented out "debug"infobox when tracing
- added CurrentLineHasBreakPoint to cSplatScintilla
- Remove Breakpoint logic now works either on current line in the editor OR on the breakpoints codejock list depending on where the focus is.
- Breakpoint condition was only set on new breakpoints, now also updates condition on existing breakpoints. Made it possible to set condition from the breakpoint grid.

Updates are at the project page of dfSplat at our project server: