Hi Wil,
A quick look-see turned up a few questions and a bug

In the Watches window, copying a variable in requires a Tab to make it stick, Enter doesn't do it but in the Studio it does. Maybe have the Enter key work as well just for compatibility?

Properties - Where can they be viewed except for the Watches window? I'd love to see them in either the Local Variables window or a Properties Window, I get tired of having to always type (Self). Oops, just found that if you leave the cursor over a property for long enough, it does get evaluated - takes a full second before it shows. I can live with that...

I have several string[] properties in the program, they always evaluate to "Error: Illegal Datatype Conversion". If I get them to a local variable the contents shows as expected. Since we always have to do that it's really a non issue but just thought I'd mention it

Click the Goto Instruction button and click Ok without entering anything I get a "Data Out of Range" error. Yes Garret, I shouldn't do that but the general user population certainly would...

I noticed that if I get to a message to go to a DF package that it will find it and go to that method but I'm running it in my 19.0 development environment so that's not surprising. If VDFSplat is run in a production environment without the DAW packages what would happen in this case? Would it throw an error or skip over that call? This brings up the question of deployment and what would be required. Obviously source that you want to walk through but all of the DAW packages too? The dll's you included with VDFSplat? I'm not planning on trying this yet, just curious.

This is a great product, congrats as usual!

More later