Hi, I was wondering, if someone succeeded in accessing LDAP/AD information from within DataFlex and is willing to share, how to do that.
I'm especially interested in accessing the organisational information for users, to determin their place in the companies hierarchy and listing all the users of the AD.

I tried it with classes from "activeds.tlb" (which lead to a point where classes don't have the neccessary IDs, and me not knowing which classes and procedures to use, since I can't find any kind of class overview or object model for that from Microsoft),
I tried using ADO to connect to it (which works in VBScript, but gives me an "interface not supported" error in DF),
I tried it with "Wldap32.dll", but I didn't get any of them to work for the purposes I needed them for.

Right now I can use ADSystemInfo from the "activeds.tlb" classes to get some basic User/Computer/Domain information for the current user, but not the details, or a list of all users.

Both things where pretty easy to do with VBScript and I'm right now contemplating, to just use VBScript to get the information I want, let it write that into a text file and read that file with DataFlex, but I would be happier, if I could do it just in DataFlex.