Still working towards moving from Pervasive 11.3 to MySQL 8 with VDF 19.1. The environment:

Two identical small DF-converted MySQL8 data (log) files - 212 bytes each w/11-fields
Index.1 is MASTER CLIENT / RWS_NUMBER / LOG_DATE (descending) / LOG_TIME (descending) / Recnum
A has 20M recs
B has 14M recs
The conversion data looks perfect.

The issue:

With Pervasive data I can page thru A&B ascending & descending by Index.1 in both DBE (arrow or page) or in a simple coded FIND GT loop instantly and all day long.

With the converted MySQL8 data paging thru A&B by Index.1 only works instantly when descending. When I ascend by Index.1 in DBE (arrow or page) or in a simple coded FIND GT loop, it substantially lags every few finds.

Here's what's interesting

- the larger the file, the larger the lag, i.e., the ascending lags in 20M rec file A (60 secs) are much larger than in 14M rec file B (5 secs),
- a similar sized and indexed log file with 7M records has no lag whatsoever in either direction, while,
- Workbench 8.0 and our .NET web applications grab data from all these files instantly.

As this appears to be DF-big-file-centric is this a DF ODBC client driver setting issue? Or something I have drastically wrong in the conversion? TIA