I am testing with a webservice, that returns a value with GZipStream compression. When I copy the value from the debugger into a online service I can decompress it to XML.

I have tried several things with Chilkat (version from 2016) without success. The function ComUncompressString returns nothing.

Has anyone done this before? Am I using the wrong function?

Get wsGetTFSTransactionsV2 of oWSIAudit stRequest to stResponse

// Response: 
// stResponse.Compression   "GZipStream"
// stResponse.Value         "H4sIAAAAAAAEAJ   " 

Get Create (RefClass(cComChilkatGlobal)) to hoGlobal
If (Not(IsComObjectCreated(hoGlobal))) Begin
   Send CreateComObject of hoGlobal
Get ComUnlockBundle of hoGlobal CHILKAT_UNLOCK_CODE to iSuccess
If (iSuccess <> True) Begin
   Get ComLastErrorText Of hoGlobal to sTemp1
   Showln sTemp1

Get ComVersion of hoGlobal to sTemp1  //
Get Create (RefClass(cComChilkatGzip)) to hoGzip
If (Not(IsComObjectCreated(hoGzip))) Begin
    Send CreateComObject of hoGzip

Get ComUncompressString of hoGzip stResponse.Value "utf-8" to sXML