No thread?

sorry I can’t be there this year, love Dallas, as does Jan.

I’ve medical stuff next week and can’t risk American Bloody Airlines screwing me over like in 2018.

Arrive at airport, front of the check-in-line.
Try to pick up changed ticket I’d done with their customer service to allow me to see oncologist in Miami on the way home.
Computers down, can’t access the changed record. Never mind Mr Robinson, pay the $800 for a new ticket and claim it back, they say.
I baulk at this, as my original ticket wasn’t even $600. Lose my place in line to a basketball team and supporters who have just turned up.
Can’t get through to AA by phone, get back in line and pay the $800. She takes my money then bumps me off the flight.
I ask for the Manager, she tells him I was abusive, he calms her down, sends her on break.
The line is now 100 people long and they all hate me.
i get to travel DFW to MIA via CLT.
Jan travels on her own.
AA say no refund as I didn’t give enough notice...