First of all, this question is not directly related to Windows Applications as it is Studio related, but this might be the appropiate forum section.

This is not a common use case but I find it annoying: I usually have two Studio versions open at the same time, DataFlex Studio 2016 18.2 and DataFlex Studio 2019 19.1 because there are some applications working under 18.2 while we develop new applications on 19.1.

Only the first Help open from one of the two studios will work properly. The second one will have its index broken and won't find results. For example if you press F1 on Studio 2016 and keep reading documentation there and later while you are on Studio 2019 you open the help, Studio 2019 help won't display search results. This is easily fixed closing both of them, opening them again and browsing the help you need. Perhaps there is a fix out there or some settings are wrong on my install...

Does this happen to you?