.... when it is Windows 10X

I've heard the name on and off over the last few months without taking a huge amount of notice

There now seems to be a bit more flesh on the bone from MS.

When MS said Windows 10 would be the last version of Windows .... what they didn't say was they meant Windows as we know it

Whilst it hopefully Windows 10X will not be anywhere near as bad as Windows RT (remember that!) it does look like traditional Win32 apps will be consigned to an emulator/VM a bit like XP on Win7 or even a DOS Box etc

I've not watched this hour long video but it does look interesting having flicked through it

I've not seen enough detail to know if it is just old parts of the Win32 API being retired or it is a whole new API for Windows 10X

Whilst I don't think there is too much to worry about in the short term, being consigned to an emulator part of an operating system is never a future looking move.

Longer term since the Edge browser is now going to use the same engine as Chrome and MS concentrating on it's cloud services maybe we are on a slow path to Windows becoming like Chrome OS and ultimately cloud based apps replacing Win32