Use cHtmlHelp.pkg

Handle hoHelp
String  sWord
Get Create (RefClass(cHtmlHelp)) To hoHelp
If (hoHelp) Begin
  Move "activate" To sWord
  Set psHelpFile of hoHelp To "C:\Program Files (x86)\DataFlex 19.1\Help\DataFlex.chm"
  Send DoDisplayKeyword of hoHelp (sWord+Character(0))

Input windowindex
Adjust the path for your help file accordingly.
You'll get a popup with the helpfile, but instead of filling the keyword with "activate" it puts a "????" in there.

There's some issues in
Procedure DoDisplayKeyword String sKeyword
where the sKeyword is passed as unicode string (because of the AddressOf) instead of as WString.
Move (AddressOf(sKeyword))   to AkLink.pszKeywords
also in:
Procedure DoDisplayIndexString String sIndex
Again it is taking an addressOf on the unicode string so that it is forcing a unicode string instead of a WString.

Haven't checked other methods.