Hi guys!

I have a report that prints identification labels for our products. One of the printed fields is the product's QRCode.
I'm using the google API to generate this QRCode. If I copy the link and open it in the browser, the QRCode appears normally, but if I run the report, the QRCode does not appear.

Here is an example of how I build the link:

'http://chart.googleapis.com/chart?chs=100x100&cht=qr&chl=' + Replace (ToText ({VGP0006.ID_PRODUTO}, 0), '.', '')

I've tried using "http:" and "https:" but in neither case does it work. This link is inside a formula in my report.

The only PC I can run the report on and display the QRCode correctly is where the Developer version of Crystal Reports is installed.

Has anyone been through this that can help me?