A question on how the webapp server works. Here's the background:

  1. We have a cloud server with a number of customers on it, all running DF 19.0 web apps. We are not using Connection IDs so each webapp is a separate webapp and virtual dir.
  2. So, we have a bunch of WebApp.exe running on the server, for each customer
  3. Our WebApp.exe starts other, small windows programs when the users perform certain actions.

And here's the problem
  • It seems that if one process, for one customer, hangs, crashes or freezes, ALL WEBAPPS ARE AFFECTED! So, what happens is this
    • The webapps are still running like before and work fine, all save, find and edit work as the should
    • When the webapp tries to start one of the small windows programs - NOTHING HAPPENS. It seems all of sudden, the webapp is incapable of starting these programs, cannot read from regedit, cannot write to disk.

So, the question:
  • How does WebApp Server handle this? Why would one process that hangs, affect all others?

Thanks in advance