I feel like I must be stupid or somehow lazy, as I can't find anyone asking this question on here, but neither can I decipher the help on this matter...

When looking at how to call SQL Stored Procedures the help seems to suggest I need to do the following:

Send SQLSetProcedureName 'APP_DoTheThing'
Send SQLSetArgument sVarForSQLParam
Send SQLCall
Which is fine. Except that I get 'Invalid Message MSG_SQLSETPROCEDURENAME' when I'm debugging.

I looked at the examples and they appear (vaguely, maybe) to be explicitly setting up a connection to a database. But my application already has a connection to the MSSQL Database in question, used by such things as 'Entry_Item' and even just going Move Table.Field to sVariable...

Is that the problem? Do I need to set up an explicit extra connection? And if so, can someone point me to the section of the help that's gonna go through how that works (it'd be nice to know why it's necessary)
Of course if I'm wrong and the problem is something else I'd love to know what it *is*...