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Why validate old values when they are being replaced?
It depends if you're using a standard ValidationTable or a custom user defined validation table - the DD doesn't differentiate the table types.

I guess, if you're using a standard DF DescriptionValidationTable/CodeValidationTable then it's probably not so important to validate missing codemast items during a backout, otherwise you might require additional information from the validationtable for the backout.

Saying that, it still doesn't resolve your issue of missing codemast items during an update or related update (performing an update on a child record, where the parent record's codemast item is missing)

We have suggested that DAW update the codemast to include a status field called "deleted=Y|{blank}" - this way the deleted fields are not shown in the combo forms, ddpicklst, etc. but can still be used to validate older records that had used these values.

In the interim, to resolve this issue, we are adding a '@' to the descriptions of codemast items that we deem are obsolete / deleted, then augmenting the Combo_Add_Item procedure to filter these items from being displayed (hidden from the user). The same can be done for the ddpicklst (ValidationPickList) via the Fill_Item procedure.