In a DataFlex 19.1 web application, I would like to link a cWebCombo with a DD field while loading its contents dynamically. That is usually pretty simple when the contents are static, just adding a DescriptionValidationTable to the DD, then assigning the combo that DD as Server and an Entry_item.

Now, what happens when it is needed to dynamically load that contents depending on configuration, user permissions and other kind of filters? Let's say you want to let a user select any value and another one is denied one or more of the validation table values.
I don't think validation tables can be synchronized when using process pooling so every user must have the same values... I think the only option left in order to do this is to manually load the combo (leaving it non-data-binded). Then retrieve the current combo value before a save and set that value as the column value using the DD and so on. That approach seems a bit ugly.

Is there a cleaner way to do this? Have you ever need to implement something like this?