OK - so I've just discovered that this isn't actually new to DataFlex 2020, so by all means someone can move this post. But that said, as this is the version currently in development, it's the version that's most likely to see a 'fix' (if indeed, there is one)

Open the Order Entry sample application (or other)
Open a view - Order.vw - in Designer view and drag in a new object from the class palette.
Now, in the Object Properties Panel, give the object a new name (Object name, top of panel).
Now using the mouse, click "Save" in the Studio (without having first clicked elsewhere)

The new name isn't actually saved but reverts to what it was. If you do it a second time it does actually save.

Not a biggy but mildly irritating none the less. I have to keep remembering to click out of the Object Name entry before I then click Save (it's caught me out several times today because I'm a bit of a goldfish)