Which Version of List & Label do you have? The Library is built to support not only the lastest Version 25 but also older Versions of List & Label. As Default the latest Version is used.

If you have an older Version you have to add a Line

Define USELLVERSION for xx

BEFORE the first include of cListLabel.pkg. You have to replace "xx" with the List & Label Version used, i.e. 24, 23, 22 and so on.

The needed List & Label DLL's are found in a Folder named "Redistribution" inside your List & Label Installation. In any Subfolder of the Installation there is also a file named "Redist.txt" where you find Infos which DLL's are needed.

If it still doesn't work try to copy the needed DLL's into your Workspace Programs Folder where your .exe is located.